First Nation Power Development Inc (FNpower)

Empowering First Nations Participation in the Clean Energy Market

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About us

First Nation Power Development Inc (FNpower)

We are a First Nations-owned organization that aims to maximize the positive economic outcome for First Nations communities. By creating an Indigenous-led decision-making process for project acquisition and development, we will ensure community values and benefits remain at the forefront of any future project developed.

This decision-making process will reduce risk, increase vested interest, create greater understanding within communities, and accelerate First Nations participation in Canada’s clean energy transition.

Our Mission

Take a sustainable approach to stewarding renewable energy projects that consider the generational impacts of a project.

Our Vision

To empower First Nations and First Nations community ownership in renewable energy projects.


Creating First Nation & Industry Partnerships

We help match Nations with an industry partner that has aligned values and motivations and brings the needed skills and capacity to the project.

Cultural Awareness Training & Community Engagement

Our team ensures that the relationship between our First Nations partners and industry partners is based in understanding and equality. We aim to create more than just a business partnership, by building relationships where communities benefit from meaningful engagement.

Raising Capital

We work with Nations to discover their financing options, secure grant funding, and put it into equity.

Community Economic Technical Support

We specialize in equipping communities with the tools and resources to succeed to support their economic development.

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Our key objectives

Our goal is to help our partners navigate the complex technical, business, and financial processes throughout the project life cycle.

  • Identify, assess, and collectively acquire suitable and mutually beneficial renewable projects;

  • offer expertise and guidance to First Nation partners on their journey to establish self-sufficient economic governance, enabling Nations to participate at a 100% Indigenous ownership and majority shareholder level;

  • work with partners to develop an Indigenous-focused and holistic approach to renewable energy project development; and

  • support the development of the necessary capacity within Indigenous communities needed to successfully fund/finance a majority owned Indigenous-led project


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