Our team facilitates all aspects of a renewable energy project, including funding access, project planning, cultural awareness training, community engagement, capacity building, and more.

As an Indigenous-owned organization, we hold a unique position to help Industry partners and First Nation communities. Our services support Industry partners moving forward with an informed and culturally aware approach and collaborate with Nations looking to build their capacity to participate in the renewable energy sector.

Creating First Nation & Industry Partnerships

Whether you are a Nation looking for a project or an industry leader looking for a partner – we help match Nations with an industry partner that has aligned values and motivations and brings the needed skills and capacity to the project.

Community Engagement

Our team ensures that the relationship between our First Nations partners and industry partners is based in understanding and equality. We aim to create more than just a business partnership by building relationships where communities benefit from meaningful engagement.

Cultural Awareness Training

Our training involves lessons, discussions and time spent on the land (when there is a specific project being contemplated) to gain a better understanding of Indigenous perspectives and values.  This knowledge will lead to more effective communication with Indigenous communities and stronger relationships.

To ensure every attendee gets the most from the training, we cap group sizes at 10-15 people. 

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Community Economic Technical Support

We specialize in equipping communities with the tools and resources to succeed and support their economic development.

Raising Capital

We work with Nations to discover their financing options, secure grant funding, and help turn it into equity.

Looking for more help? We offer bespoke services tailored to our client’s needs. Contact us to learn more.